Our Strategy

Within the global framework of the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this mobile health information platform (BabyMed) is focused on providing critical and informative maternal and child health care information to pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies (up to 5 years of age), as well as to supporters (husband, friends and family) and information seekers. The mobile health information platform seeks to leverage mobile phones to deliver pre – and post – natal information and services for rural women in low – resource settings.

We strongly believe that the mobile phone offers an opportunity to help distribute maternal, and child health care responsibilities, with an eye to relegating hospitals more to their proper place as a last resort for care rather than the first stop, as is often the case in the current system.

Mobile phone technology offers an opportunity to overcome barriers that limit access to quality maternal and newborn health. Mobile phones can help women, their families, and local health workers to seek timely, appropriate medical assistance for an obstetric and newborn emergency by reducing the time that elapses between a health crisis and care

One of the important outcomes is that mobile phone interventions targeting pregnant women have been associated with an increase in skilled birth attendance, which is one of the most crucial factors for saving women’s lives during childbirth according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Evidence shows that mobile health tools can help minimize time barriers and facilitate urgent care, as well as support health promotion through mobile messaging services.

Furthermore, mobile phone-based health messages are portable, accessible, discreet and can be saved or shared. They can provide information, offer support, dispel myths, highlight warning signs and connect pregnant women and new moms with local health services

SMS and audio messages are targeted to a woman’s stage of pregnancy or the age of her child so that the information reflects exactly what she is experiencing at a particular time. This helps to build an emotional connection with the mother and a sense of trust, making it more likely that she will be receptive to messages that encourage changes in behavior. The messaging program accompanies each mother on her journey of learning and discovery and acts as a step-by-step guide to a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.