Household SMS

Information for Guardians/other household decision makers


MonthWeekSMS Message
25Congratulations, there’s a baby on the way! You can help the mother make sure her baby is healthy. Encourage her to visit the clinic often.
26Remind the mother to take iron and folic-acid pills every day. She can get them free at the clinic. A healthy mother grows a healthy baby.
27Check the mother eats meat, beans, fruits and vegetables daily. She needs iodised salt, too. Eating well will help her have a healthy baby.


WeekSMS Message
NewbornMake sure the baby gets his mother’s first milk. It is full of goodness. If he refuses to eat or has difficulty breathing, go to the clinic.
NewbornCheck the baby for signs of illness. His tummy, hands and feet should be warm. If he’s hot, cold, or bluish, get him to the clinic.
NewbornTell the mother to keep the cord stump clean and dry. If there’s pus or redness, wash with clean water, and take the baby to the clinic.
NewbornBabies get cold easily. To keep him warm, make sure the mother holds her baby naked on her chest, covered with a blanket.
1Keep the baby quiet and warm. If his eyes are yellow, he needs more breastmilk. If the yellow lasts over a week, go to the clinic.

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