Baby SMS

Week SMS Message
New BornCongratulations, your baby’s here! Give him the best by breastfeeding. If he refuses to feed or has difficulty breathing, go to the clinic
New BornHold your newborn baby close to you and let him breastfeed straight away. Go to the clinic if he’s too hot, cold or a bluish colour.
New BornKeep the cord clean and dry to prevent infection. Sponge it with clean water. Leave it uncovered. If it is red or smelly, go to the clinic.
1Keep your baby quiet and warm. If his eyes are yellow, feed him more often. If the yellow is still there after a week, go to the clinic.
1Let your baby feed often. He needs a good mouthful of breast to get your milk. You will see his jaw moving as he feeds and hear him swallow.
1Take your baby to the clinic if he won’t stop crying, has sunken or swollen soft spots on his head or is not suckling well.

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